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Leverage Nomology's Inclusion Lists and Exclusion Lists


What are Inclusion Lists and why do they matter?

A YouTube inclusion list is a list of YouTube channels or videos an advertiser considers safe, acceptable, and trustworthy environments to serve ads to. Several factors are considered when adding videos or channels to an inclusion list, including the brand safety and suitability requirements of the advertised product or service, and the contextual relevancy for its target audience.

Now, imagine reaching your ideal audience on YouTube, exactly when they’re most receptive. Nomology’s AI makes it happen with custom video and channel lists. No more wasted ad spend. Your brand shows up in contextually relevant moments, perfectly aligned with what your audience is watching. Plus, our volume discounts stretch your budget further.

Let Nomology build you one of the most custom, streamlined and powerful lists utilized on YouTube.

Our Methodology

Our secret weapon? Cutting edge, AI-powered contextual look-a-likes that build custom video and channel lists. We uncover deep audience insights, matching your brand with viewers based on content affinity rather than just demographics. The result? Maximum impact for your campaign.

Nomology Platform
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Ease of Implementation

If you can drag and drop, than you can use our lists - simply provide campaign details and some content samples. Our AI builds hyper-targeted lists that you can upload directly into DV360 or Google Ads that can be seamlessly integrated with your own targeting.

Our Differentiators

Tired, Stale Lists Don't Exist Here

That's why Nomology refreshes your lists on a regular cadence.

We Build Bespoke Lists For Each Campaign

We’ll design your lists based on each of your individual creative assets & KPI’s.

Let's talk!

Looking for advice before you buy? From pricing to custom packages, or help managing your account, our sales team is here to help.

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