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The Partners Fueling the YouTube Advantage

Partnering with industry leaders to deliver exceptional performance, brand safety, and audience insights for your YouTube advertising campaigns.


Brand Safe Partners

Nomology adheres to the strictest industry standards for brand safety through partnerships, certifications, and alignment with Google Partners, YouTube Certified, GARM, COPPA, HIPAA, and IAB.

Brand Safe Partners - YouTube Certified Partner
Brand Safe Partners - Google Partner
Brand Safe Partners - GARM Partner
Brand Safe Partners - IAB Partner
Brand Safe Partners - COPPA Partner
Brand Safe Partners - HIPAA compliant Partner

Measurement Partners

Nomology's measurement partners empower brands and agencies to streamline campaigns, measure impact with deep audience insights, and optimize for YouTube success.

Measurement Partners - DoubleVerify Partner
Measurement Partners - IAS Partner
Measurement Partners - Kantar Partner
Measurement Partners - Nielsen Partner
Measurement Partners - Dynata Partner

Inventory Partners

To help marketers connect with consumers where they watch most, Nomology collaborates with CTV/OTT inventory partners who provide innovative ad formats and advanced targeting options.

Inventory Partners - 21st century fox parnter
Inventory Partners - A+E Networks Partner
Inventory Partners - Discovery Communications Partner
Inventory Partners - CBS Corporation Partner
Inventory Partners - fubo Partner
Inventory Partners - Sling Partner
Inventory Partners - Direct NOW Partner
Inventory Partners - Pluto Partner
Inventory Partners - ESPN Partner
Inventory Partners - Nexstar Partner
Inventory Partners - Roku Partner
Inventory Partners - Bloomberg Partner
Inventory Partners - Hulu Partner
Inventory Partners - Viacom Partner
Inventory Partners - Univision Partner
Inventory Partners - scripps-networks-interactive Partner
Inventory Partners - Raycom Partner
Inventory Partners - AMC Networks Partner

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