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Unlock a World of CTV and OTT Content

Don't let fragmented advertising hold you back! Unify your campaigns across video platforms with one partner to deliver a seamless user experience.

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YouTube, YouTube TV, and CTV: A Powerful Trio

As YouTube content blurs the line with TV viewing, consider a unified advertising approach across both platforms with the same partner for seamless campaigns.


Extended Reach

Extended reach on your video buys


Ease of Execution

Ease of execution with one partner streamlining campaign management and implementation.


Access to YouTube TV

Access to YouTube TV, establishing video buying power in conjunction with Youtube (proper) & CTV


Leverage Learnings

Leverage Learnings from YouTube for  Nomology to make informed CTV optimizations


Streaming Partners

Premium Direct Integrations,  SSP Connections & TV OEMS

Nomology Streaming Partners - AMC Networks
Nomology Streaming Partners - Hulu
Nomology Streaming Partners - Roku
YouTube TV - Nomology Streaming Partners
Nomology Streaming Partners - Freewheel
Nomology Streaming Partners - Peacock
Nomology Streaming Partners - Paramount
Nomology Streaming Partners - Fox
Nomology Streaming Partners - Magnite
Nomology Streaming Partners - Warner Bros Discovery
Nomology Streaming Partners - Viacom


With full-funnel activation, we reach over 20,000+ Audiences in platform, plus a connection to Liveramp, Experian and Transunion.

Nomology Targeting - Liveramp
Nomology Targeting - TransUnion
CTV Measurement - Brand Lift

Brand Lift

CTV Measurement - Foot Traffic

Foot Traffic

CTV Measurement - Online Transaction

Online Transaction

CTV Measurement - Offline Transaction

Offline Transaction


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