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Nomology YouTube Solutions Background

Don't Settle for Average

Leave generic targeting and optimization approaches behind.

Reach highly relevant audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Advertisers need relevance – without sacrificing performance – to deliver what really matters


The YouTube Targeting Spectrum

When it comes to YouTube ad targeting solutions, there are two main camps: Brand Safety-focused and Performance-focused. On one end, Brand Safety tools prioritize content control, ensuring your ads appear alongside highly vetted material. This often comes at the expense of other targeting options and optimization techniques, limiting your reach.

On the other hand, purely performance-driven tools rely heavily on automation to hyper-optimize towards specific metrics like cost-per-view (CPV) or cost-per-click (CPC). While these tools can be effective, they often sacrifice user control and detailed reporting.


Nomology: The Sweet Spot

Nomology bridges this gap. We offer the power of relevance targeting, ensuring your ads reach highly relevant audiences without sacrificing performance optimization. You get the best of both worlds: brand safety, audience control, and powerful performance metrics – all in one place.


The Targeting Spectrum


Optimization Signals

Our exclusive methodology is designed for better quality inventory and a holistic approach to targeting, resulting in resulting in more efficient optimization, especially with the data-rich TrueView ad unit. 


Our agnostic and bespoke approach to active optimization is enabled by our dynamic pricing, resulting in a greater efficiency over the life of the campaign. The signals we optimize against include the following:



Analyzes the content surrounding your ad placement, like keywords or video topics, to ensure relevance.


Affinity / Behavioral

Targets users based on their browsing habits, past purchases, and overall online behavior, indicating a high likelihood of interest.



Targets users based on standard demographics like age, location, and gender.


App & Website Users

Reaches users who have previously interacted with your app or website, allowing for retargeting campaigns.


In Market (buyer)

Identifies users who are actively researching and considering purchases in your product or service category.


Video Lineup & Topics

Analyzes the specific YouTube channels and videos where your ad will appear, ensuring alignment with your target audience's viewing preferences.


Custom Intent

Goes beyond keywords to understand the specific intent behind user searches, ensuring your ad reaches viewers actively interested in what you offer.

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